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Piano Lessons

The piano is a fantastic beginning instrument for young beginners and older beginners alike. Learning piano builds a strong musical foundation which students can build upon.

You'll love the versatility of this popular instrument. 

Explore playing your favorite blues, rock, or pop songs or dive into a the large and inspiring world of classical rep that will delight you. 

Lessons are perfect for the casual learner or the serious student. We will customize lessons to serve your goals and interests.


Violin Lessons

The violin is the most popular instrument in its string family. With it high notes and enchanting melodies, the violin is an instrument of choice in many styles of music.


While traditionally a classical instrument in Western music, the violin has been adapted to many other styles of music. You'll find violin is popular in Country, Pop, Bluegrass, Celtic, Rock, and even Jazz. 

Children as young as 3 years old can begin studying the violin with one of our Suzuki trained teachers. 

Great for young beginners, orchestral students, or adults who want to learn for personal enjoyment, violin lessons are personalized to the needs and goals of each student. 

Guitar Lessons

As on of the most popular instruments to play, not only is the guitar easy to take with you wherever you go, it lends itself extremely well to any style of music you wish to play. Learn chords and strumming patterns or finger-style. 


Learn to play acoustic, electric, or classical guitar and we'll teach you in the style of music you want to learn.

Soon you'll be packing your guitar and serenading your friends and family at gatherings, holiday parties, or a summer campfire!

Cello Lessons

The cello is a large stringed instrument, played while seated and resting against the musicians chest, between the knees. With a powerful and rich sound, its large pitch range spans from very low and deep sounds, up to high and brilliant notes. 


The rich tone, versatility, and sheer power of the cello make it a popular choice amongst many students and music lovers alike. 

Children even as young as 3 years old can begin studying the cello with one of our Suzuki trained teachers. 

Lessons are great for young beginners, orchestral students, or adults who want to learn for personal enjoyment. Our teachers will personalize their teaching to match your goals and needs as a student. 

Viola Lessons

The viola is a stringed instrument, very similar to the violin although bigger and with a slightly lower range. Just like the violin, it is held between the musicians's chin and shoulder.

Although underrated, the viola is quite beautiful with its robust and warm tone, lending itself to both solo and ensemble music like the violin and cello.

Children can start viola at the age of 5 or 6. Lessons are perfect for students playing in an orchestra, or anyone who wishes to study it for personal enjoyment. Lessons will be personalized to match your goals and needs as a student. 

With easy enrollment, scheduling, and a great location, learn more about why Highlands Music Academy is the right fit for you.

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