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Voice & Singing Lessons

With teachers who are encouraging and warm, our number one goal at the studio is to make lessons a comfortable, enjoyable, and positive experience for both children and adult students.

Not only do voice lessons foster creativity and appreciation for the arts, but learning music has real implications on improving brain development, mental acuity, and intelligence. Read More.

During lessons each week, students are guided and coached towards achieving their goals, whether that's learning how to sing a famous opera aria or singing your favorite Taylor Swift song! 

What ages can start singing lessons?


Our voice instructors work with each student and parent on a personal level to craft a lesson plan that fits the student's individual needs and favorite type of music. Whether you’re a singer in a band, a seven year old taking their first lesson, or a fifty year old returning to singing after many years, our friendly, dedicated teachers will customize their teaching style to help you set goals to achieve your musical aspirations.

Students may start vocal lessons from the age of 5. 

What Styles Do You Teach?

We believe that establishing a solid musical foundation will give students the tools they need to ultimately learn any style they wish! Students will be guided in music selections and given exercises to develop their skill while also being able to explore music of their own choosing, whether that's classical, pop, or jazz!  

In lessons students will learn:

  • How to improve their vocal range

  • How to read sheet music 

  • Solfege

  • Ear training

  • Breath control

  • Vibrato

  • Tone production

  • Enunciation

  • Vocal Care

  • ...and even be introduced to music in foreign languages!

How often and how long are lessons?


Lessons are generally once a week and we offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute time slots. The lesson length that is ideal will depend on the age of the student and their goals. For young beginning students under the age of 10, a thirty-minute is ideal. For older or more advanced students, we generally recommend a longer lesson time to allow time for more questions, discussions, and cover more repertoire. 

We recommend consistent weekly lessons. Consistency is one of the most powerful habits for students to develop for musical success.


Coming to lessons every week ensures that students don't lose ground on the progress they've made and that bad habits don't have time to take hold. 

What progress should I expect? 

For Experienced Students: Your teacher will get a sense of your learning style, goals, and make a plan for your learning path to keep building upon the experience you already have. 

For Beginning Students: While everyone learns and understands musical concepts at a different pace, here is a general guideline for the progress beginning students should expect to make:

  • During your first few months, lessons will be all about setting the foundation. Lessons are generally focused on the basics of vocal technique while getting comfortable with your teacher and learning songs that you know and enjoy. You will also be introduced to solfege and reading music. 


  • After 3 months, a beginning student should be starting to gain more control over their vocal range and breath control, and beginning to feel a little more ease in reading sheet music. 


  • After 6 months, students should see a noticeable improvement in their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, and enunciation and will have studied several songs.

Learning how to sing is a great skill to learn for students and musicians of any age! The guidance of a teacher will cut down frustration, confusion, and ensure you are taking proper care of your voice. 

How to Enroll

It's very easy to get started!

Enrollment is on-going throughout the month and we're open all year long. That means you can sign up for lessons at any time.


No need to wait until the beginning of the month, summer break, back-to-school season, the New Year... or any other reason!


$31 / 30 minutes

Lessons times are available throughout the week and are scheduled once a week.

A one-time registration fee of $35 is due at the time of registration.

Let's Get Started!

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