Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for lessons?

To sign up, simply give us a call or click here to contact us! Signing up is easy: let us know what instrument you are wanting to learn, and we'll set you up with a teacher! We have many evening times available, and some teachers have availability on Saturdays as well. Once we set up a time, it will be reserved for you every week with your teacher.

What if I want can't make a lesson?

Your tution reserves your time slot for every week. If you can't make a lesson for any reason, or your teacher has to cancel due to illness, vacation, or professional development, those absences are not made-up - they are already calcuated into the tuiton price. So rather than it being $120 a month or more for 30-minute lessons (at $30 per lesson), it's a flat $105 a month! What a deal! Then you're not having to worry about makeups, reschedules, or not getting your money's worth.

Who can take lessons?

We teach children and adults. Not only do we teach beginners, we love taking students with previous experience either through school, another program, or coming from a previous teacher. No matter the reason, you'll likely feel re-energized and motivated with a new teacher who can help you solve problems and give you a new perspective. Private lessons are also a wonderful complement to school music programs, and most students are surprised at their improvement with just a few months of lessons.

How do I withdraw from lessons?

You must submit your withdrawal from the school in writing, before the next billing period (the 5th of each month). We ask that you give us at least 2 weeks notice as a courtesy. Example: If you decide to quit lessons on the 15th, you are welcome to attend or not attend the remaining lessons, but there will not be any prorating of your final month.