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Nationally-Recognized Piano Program for Kids and Teens

Give your child a proven, life-long learning advantage!

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Music FunTime is different than the typical preschool music program.

Music FunTime is not a simple play group where children sing, dance, jump, and play instruments. We offer an innovative new program, geared from the Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, eventually, learning to play instruments. 

If a child can learn their letter, numbers, shapes, animals, etc., then why can't they learn to read music?

Through crafts, worksheets, games, instruments, singing, and very small group classes, we teach children in a fun and exciting way, how to play and read music. Class excitement has proven over and over, the children's enthusiasm to look forward to weekly music lessons. 


We'll teach your child to read music in the same manner they are taught letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.

All students are introduced to Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Bells, Kazoos, and the Flutophone. 

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Our special "Musical Crafts" lessons teach children Music Theory in a fun, artistic way. 


Learning music theory can give your child a cognitive edge that can last a lifetime



  • Increases a child's comprehension and math skills

  • Helps your child become more confident, and better at communication

  • Allows children to apply the same learning concepts to other areas such as reading, writing, and arithmetic


  • Teaches children at a very young age, how to actually read music, play music, and understand music theory

  • Teaches kids the music staff, bass clef, treble clef, rhythm, note values, time signatures, and more

  • Keeps kids excited and involved, playing instruments and exploring new sounds and music

  • Available as on-line or in-person studio lessons

  • It's fun, easy to do, and the best part is ~ KIDS LOVE IT!

Music FunTime is a structured, progressive cirriculum

Our goal in this program over time is to graduate all students into private music lessons. 

In our small group classes, we work one-on-one with all students to maximize individual students learning capabilities. 

We change the curriculum every 5 minutes accommodating children's attention span. 

You and your child will explore music, dance and sing together and more. Your child learns to share, take turns, and develop the skills they'll need in school and on the neighborhood playground. 

Our Music FunTime classes bring you closer as a family. They are fun, yet educational and an important part of your child's development. 

In this special place for musical, social and emotional learning, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you!

Students will learn stage performance, performing for one another, for their teacher in class and for their families at home.


This gives the children the understanding of listening to other performers and grows confidence in themselves.

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